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The longest light tunnel in Europe turned UB's Botanical Garden of the UB into the winter Garden of Lights

11 December 2023
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Starting early November, “Dimitrie Brandza” Botanical Garden of the University of Bucharest was transformed, for four months, into the Garden of Lights and offers visitors the “Alice in Wonderland” exhibition. The longest light tunnel in Europe - 200 meters long and 320,000 LEDs - was set up within the exhibition.

The exhibition is open every afternoon, including weekends and holidays. Dozens of unique attractions await visitors: themed stages, art installations and photo spots, illuminated trees, as well as unique light and multimedia shows.

photo: University of Bucharest

People can admire and interact with different forms of light art and meet elements and characters from the magical world of Alice and her friends: the rabbit, the Cheshire cat, the caterpillar, the Hatter's tea party and of course the Queen's castle. 

We enthusiastically accepted the proposal from Garden of Lights, and we are delighted that they chose the Botanical Garden of the University of Bucharest for this project. It's an opportunity to admire the botanical garden in a different context and to see how light can transform and emphasize the beauty of nature, said prof. Paulina Anastasiu, director of the “Dimitrie Brandza” Botanical Garden of the University of Bucharest.

Discovering the Garden of Light concept

Gardens of Light are themed outdoor exhibitions filled with multimedia stories told through light and music, a special event that combines light art with the beauty of nature. For children it is an opportunity to meet their favorite fairy-tale characters, and for adults it is a sentimental return to the past and a moment of relaxation from the routine of everyday life. It is also a wonderful opportunity to spend time with the loved ones and experience another dimension of beauty and creativity in a natural environment.

photo: University of Bucharest

The best time to visit the light show is in the evening or at night, when the darkness reinforces the effects of the light and creates a mysterious and romantic atmosphere. Visitors are able to walk through the garden to discover the light installations and enjoy the beauty of the plants in a new way. Light and sound shows where light installations are synchronized with music and sound effects will create a multi-sensory experience.

Our mission is to provide magical experiences using light and sound. Through technology and creativity, we build delightful spaces that allow people to enjoy quality time with their loved ones and break free from the routine of everyday life. We are delighted to be present this year in Bucharest where we will transform Dimitrie Brandza Botanical Garden into the wonderful world of Alice, said Michal Chojnacki, CEO of Wonderful Lighting.

About “Dimitrie Brandza” Botanical Garden of the University of Bucharest

photo: University of Bucharest

With a living history that begins in 1860, “Dimitrie Brandza” Botanical Garden of the University of Bucharest is an environment of active interaction of knowledge and professional research. It has an area of ​​over 18 hectares. The Botanical Garden of the University of Bucharest houses over 4,000 plant species from various geographical and climatic areas and numerous rare plants and includes 10 outdoor sectors, organized thematically, a large and varied exhibition, the old greenhouse and a fascinating botanical museum.

The Botanical Museum was added to the Botanical Garden in 1882 by the famous botanist Dimitrie Brandza. The museum is structured in 22 rooms, dedicated to the history of the Botanical Garden, medicinal plants, curiosities from the world of plants, special collections etc. The greenhouses of the Botanical Garden are a study and research area, but also a space for recreation in an exotic environment. The greenhouses include a rich selection of lush and unusual species from tropical, subtropical and equatorial areas around the world.

About the University of Bucharest

With a history of over 150 years and constantly confirmed prestige, the University of Bucharest is today a dynamic and inclusive academic milieu, student-centered and characterized by creativity, innovation and pragmatism. An institution of excellence in both education and research, the University of Bucharest has made the training of its students for life and profession a priority. Thus, UB acts constantly and firmly to ensure the highest quality of services offered, which guarantee its graduates an easy and efficient assimilation on the labor market, regardless of the field or study program.

Central player of Romanian and European higher education, the University of Bucharest is an institution in a permanent process of adaptation and internationalization, open to multiculturalism and diversity. And the membership of CIVIS - European Civic University -, along with nine other top European universities, confirms once again that UB is an organization strongly anchored in the societal transformations of today's world, being a civic and socially engaged institution, connected to the more important local, national, European and global challenges.

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