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Get ready for the "BIPs"! New look CIVIS courses arriving soon

20 July 2022
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Blended Intensive Programmes (BIPs) are a new blended mobility format for teaching activities supported by the European Commission. Students participate in online learning from home before participating in a short physical mobility to another CIVIS member university to work alongside professors and students from across the Alliance. CIVIS is launching its first BIPs in the Autumn, and we have just approved 33 courses for the academic year 2022-23!

The CIVIS Steering Committee met in July to approve applications submitted by groups of academics from at least 3 member universities. We were happy to see a high number of applications for this first call and a high degree of involvement of member universities - every university is involved in 15 projects on average. This is surely a good sign for the Alliance and our contribution to the new 2022-27 Erasmus+ programme!

During the past months, academics across the CIVIS member universities have been gathering to develop the best innovative educational programmes, which aim to offer students fundamental knowledge about the 5 CIVIS challenges. The new courses explore rigorous interdisciplinary topics such as:

  • safeguarding terrestrial, freshwater and marine natural assets
  • heritage and global epistemologies
  • cancer medicine, immunology and immunotherapies
  • governing cities in a time of crisis

Details of the first courses will be released in September. CIVIS students from every level and field of study will be able to apply directly via the CIVIS Portal and get the opportunity to participate in one of these programmes. Pursuing a BIP offers students 3-6 ECTS credits (depending on the student's workload).

Students, want to participate? Stay tuned for the opening of applications in early September 2022. Registrations will close again at the end of the month, so  make sure to get your application in!

Academics, want to create your own BIP? Academics willing to build a BIP jointly with other CIVIS colleagues can still submit their application in the second call for BIPs, which will close on 15 November. Learn more and apply.