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Celebrating student success with the CIVIS Passport

14 July 2022
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CIVIS offers students a vast range of educational and extra-curricular opportunities, through which they can develop skills and knowledge of real relevance to their future careers. To help students benefit from this CV boost as easily as possible, we are creating the CIVIS Passport.

The CIVIS Passport is an innovative tool that records all CIVIS activities (credited and non-credited) and that students will receive upon graduation. It will be a personal digital space for registering all CIVIS experiences, including participation in open online courses at other CIVIS universities. The CIVIS Passport is one of the very first tools for recording and recognising learning experiences at a European level.

The CIVIS Passport will be a valuable addition to the students' CV. Our innovative digital tool, powered by blockchain, lets you share your verified activity record through your online profiles or directly with future employers. With authenticity guaranteed by the CIVIS Alliance, the CIVIS Passport will certify students’ participation in the various educational and co-educational activities which we offer. For each CIVIS activity successfully completed, students will receive a digital OpenBadge which sets out the:

  • Learning outcomes
  • Competences and skills acquired
  • The method of assessment (for curricular activities)

Our innovative tool for digital qualifications

CIVIS is one of the first alliances to adopt blockchain certification for all curricular and extra-curricular activities. The CIVIS passport will centralise and secure the recognition of students’ participation in CIVIS activities. Through the use of BCDiploma, CIVIS is dematerialising the certification process while still offering robust and recognised qualifications using Openbadges.

These blockchain-certified digital certificates will be complementary to the paper documents delivered after participation in a CIVIS activity. They will be a means to prove the authenticity of education and training throughout the participants’ professional career.

For students, the CIVIS Passport will provide proof of their active engagement and experience. For future recruiters and employers, as well as other educational institutions, it will serve as a mark of confidence and quality for those applicants possessing it. With just one click, future employers or education institutions can access the Openbadge, which includes a range of elements that prove its authenticity.

The CIVIS Passport system is currently in the final stages of testing. Stay tuned!