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Sapienza Università di Roma

With over 700 years of history, 112,000 students, 4000 teachers and 2000 employees, technicians and librarians, in addition to 2000 administrative staff in university hospitals, Sapienza is the first university in Europe. Our mission is to contribute to the development of a knowledge society through research, excellence, quality education and international cooperation. Sapienza currently offers over 270 degree programmes (Bachelor's and Master's) - among which over 30 are taught in English- over 200 vocational master courses and almost 80 PhDs. The School of Advanced Studies provides a programme of excellence and free tuition for the best students.

University Sapienza

Over 30,000 students come from other Italian cities, nearly 8000 are foreign and over 3300 students a year come to Sapienza on international mobility programmes. Thanks to a wide network of agreements with universities around the world, Sapienza also provides its students many international opportunities, including double degrees, scholarships abroad, internships in European and non-European countries, and international PhDs.

Scientific research activity at Sapienza covers an extremely broad spectrum of disciplines, reaching levels of excellence in many areas, including archaeology, physics and astrophysics, humanities and cultural heritage, the environment, nanotechnologies, cell and gene therapy, design, aerospace, social and economic sciences. Nobel Prize winners and internationally renowned scientists have taught and/or studied at Sapienza.

Sapienza is organized into 11 faculties, 1 school and 59 departments, as well as numerous research and service centres. The central administration is organized into areas, offices and sectors. The rectorate is collegiate with a Rector, a Deputy Rector and a group of Assistant Deputy Rectors and delegates with specific competences, alongside committees and commissions for evaluation, strategic planning, quality and integration of activities.

The symbol of Sapienza University is the Cherub, which, in association with the name "Sapienza University of Rome" constitutes the registered trademark and logo. The linked claim is Il futuro è passato di qui.

The world's leading university rankings place Sapienza at the top of Italian universities for quality of research, education and international dimension; moreover, Sapienza excels and leads as a benchmark in many subject areas.

Country: Italy
City: Rome
University's name: Sapienza Università di Roma
Date of creation: 1303


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Few figures

Number of students in 2018-2019

  •  113.494 students (62,000 female students, 50,000 male students)

Number of staff

  • 3.400 academics
  • 2.300 administrative personel
  • 1.800 administrative personel in university hospitals

Number and names of faculties and/or schools

12 Faculties

  • Architettura
  • Economia
  • Farmacia e medicina
  • Giurisprudenza
  • Ingegneria civile e industriale
  • Ingegneria dell'informazione, informatica e statistica
  • Lettere e filosofia
  • Medicina e odontoiatria
  • Medicina e psicologia
  • Scienze matematiche, fisiche e naturali
  • Scienze politiche sociologia comunicazione

1 School

  • Scuola di Ingegneria aerospaziale

Number of PhD thesis defended in 2018-2019

  • 907