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General information

University: Université libre de Bruxelles

Open to: targeted at academics and programme responsible/authorities, and open to all

Language(s): English Number of participants

Not defined

Date: 29 March 2024 - 12.00-14:00 CET

Brief description

The sustainability challenge requires to foster socio-ecological transitions in our societies, at all levels. Universities are not only part of societies, they are a catalysing actor which enables and accelerates transformations of our societies by teaching next generations of citizens and professionals, and supporting research. Sustainability teaching is therefore key to enable students to become agents of transformation, being and feeling empowered. This implies to reflect on question of sustainability related knowledge but also skills: what should a graduate student know, know-how to do, know-how to be to be able to contribute? We will strive to cover aspects from content to pedagogy, and from the course and the teacher level to the whole institution level regarding how to integrate sustainability in teaching.


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