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RIS4CIVIS finds consensus on shared goals for research and innovation

17 janvier 2022
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The project RIS4CIVIS supports the research and innovation (R&I) dimension of the CIVIS Alliance. It is an integral part of our long-term strategy, working in synergy with our educational activities. The 3-year project was awarded a budget of €2 million by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme "Science with and for Society". RIS4CIVIS will enable CIVIS and other European university alliances to pave the way and pool their expertise to address the 21st-century challenges through world-class R&I.

RIS4CIVIS consists of several phases, in each of which we work on six thematic areas, known as modules:

  • Common Research & Innovation Strategy
  • Sharing Infrastructures
  • Reinforcing Academia-Business collaboration
  • Strengthening Human Capital
  • Mainstreaming of Open Science
  • Embedding Citizens and Society

In an initial benchmarking phase we mapped current activities and resources, as well as challenges and barriers, related to these six areas across the member universities of the CIVIS Alliance. This benchmarking was then the starting point for a consensus-building phase, which is now complete. In this phase, each module has worked to find agreement on shared aims for research and innovation cooperation in their domain. The joint conclusions take the form of proposed "end points", or strategic goals, and roadmaps to achieve them. Modules also made recommendations to national and European policymakers for the removal of legal or regulatory barriers. Finally, each module selected one or more case studies which can be implemented across the Alliance to test the validity of the proposed roadmap. These case studies will be implemented in the coming months.

Want to learn more about the goals, roadmaps, recommendations and case studies? Check out the full report!