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Message from our students in preparation of the CIVIS Student Council to be launched in January 2021.

CIVIS is a European community of 8 universities. As such, students play a vital and central role in CIVIS. That is why we decided to build a Student Council. With students from all universities, it is a council where student voices and exchange of ideas are key. Including people with all backgrounds and from different European countries, those exchanges are rich and always with the best interests of students in mind: we listen, we exchange and we propose ideas that, we believe, will make students’ lives better. Holding monthly meetings, we are eager to hear your ideas about where CIVIS should go. We aim to be involved in all areas of CIVIS, especially those with direct relevance for students: Student mobility, CIVIS course offer, new teaching methods and much more.

Get in touch and embark on the CIVIS journey with us to shape tomorrow's university in Europe:!

Meet the first students committed to change the Higher Education landscape with CIVIS!