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Workshop: Social Pedagogy and Democratic Education

26 noviembre 2021

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Type of event
Open to
CIVIS academics & researchers
26 noviembre 2021

The overall aim of this workshop is to contribute to the reinforcement of a European socio-pedagogical and democratic culture, which will prove helpful in tackling important problems faced by our education and society.

This workshop is offered to trainers who aim to sustain a culture of democracy in education (formal and non-formal) in a sociοpedagogical perspective by providing participants with the necessary methodological tools and competencies so that they may familiarise themselves with some issues of Social Pedagogy, such as the promotion of social inclusion, civic participation and tackling structural disadvantages which manifest and reproduce themselves in education.

The workshop's priority is to support participants and to cultivate socio-pedagogical skills, especially the intercultural and civic competences of students. It will draw data from the RFCCDC (Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture) of the Council of Europe (2018). The methodology is based on experiential, collaborative and creative team learning strategies, socio-pedagogical practices and techniques, a reading list and online training materials (paper and e-lessons) spread across one week of face to face interactive meetings (given the highly experiential character of the workshop) and two weeks online training (mixed learning).

NKUA coordinates an Erasmus+ KA2 project and the workshop will use some material from this project.

Focus on innovative pedagogies:

Innovative methodologies, experiential team activities, creative strategies, techniques, practices, and tools (see in the Innovative Pedagogies Handbook: “SOCIAL PEDAGOGY: Theory and Practice” and “Promoting Democratic Culture through the Curriculum”)

Organiser: University of Athens

Time: 09:00-14:00 CET

Language: English/Greek

Nb of participants: 20

NB: 18-25 Nov 2021: asynchronous online education

The link to the online workshop will be sent by e-mail shortly after the deadline.

For any enquiries, please contact the coordinators of this workshop: