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Making Visible the Invisibles Research on Inequalities and Injustices in Cities

27 a 29 septiembre 2023

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27 a 29 septiembre 2023

Explore the unseen facets of urban life and address the inequalities that often remain hidden from view. The "Making Visible the Invisibles" conference brings together researchers from diverse fields to shed light on the hidden inequalities and injustices in urban spaces.

The conference aims to uncover hidden aspects of urban life, challenge biases in research, and promote equity and social inclusion. By examining different thematic areas, the conference encourages interdisciplinary collaboration to tackle complex issues.

Researchers from various fields are invited to share insights related to urban issues. Themes include nature, politics, society, technology, and more.

Key Questions:

  • How can we identify blindspots in urban research?
  • What methodologies reveal hidden urban phenomena?
  • How can participatory research address underrepresented voices?
  • How can research on invisibility be effectively communicated?


  • Discover Hidden Urban Nature: Explore hidden urban ecosystems and marginalized groups within urban nature.
  • Unveil Partial Visions in Research: Examine biases and incomplete perspectives in research.
  • Make Visible Equity in Spaces: Consider cultural factors for equitable urban design.
  • Uncover Social Invisibility: Address challenges faced by marginalized groups in cities.
  • Governance, Innovations, and Digital Transformations: Discuss how technology and governance can promote inclusion.

Join Us: Unearth the hidden layers of urban life, challenge the status quo, and contribute to a more inclusive and just urban future. Be a part of the conversation that makes the invisible visible!