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Teaching Europe has never been easier: meet PLUS' Europakoffer

12 abril 2024
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The Europakoffer, a teaching kit on Europe, has been developed at the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg (PLUS). The travel case contains materials for various subjects and should raise pupils' awareness of Europe and the European motto 'Unity in Diversity'.
Photo © Kay Müller_PLUS

Teachers can bring the travel case to their schools and incorporate the Europe-related teaching units into their own lessons. The focus is less on providing knowledge about the European Union and more on cultural content about Europe that can be easily integrated into teaching.

The case currently contains materials for teaching units in 10 subjects, including German, physics, English, sports and music. But the contents are continuously being expanded and developed based on feedback from pupils and teachers.

Photo © Kay Müller_PLUS

The Europakoffer is geared towards students aged 14 to 17. The materials can also be used in lower or higher classes, depending on the maturity and abilities of the pupils. Teachers only need a limited amount of time to prepare for units and do not need to read up on complex topics.

The European Toolbox is a result of a collaboration between the Forschungswabe Europäische Integration ("European Integration Research Hub") at the School of Education, the Salzburg Centre for European Union Studies, the Department of Educational Research and experts from several other departments at the PLUS. 

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