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Multicultural metamorphosis: how culture and heritage shape social transformations

27 agosto 2021
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We live in an age of constant adaptation and transformation, where diversity and mobility coexist with the continued importance of attachment to a place or a culture. This summer, participants in the course Metamorphosis in a changing world explored these issues through the lens of lusophony. What can the multicultural Portuguese speaking world tell us about the role of a shared language in social transformation?

The course was hosted in Aix-en-Provence by Aix-Marseille Université, and co-organised with the Université libre de Bruxelles and the Università Sapienza di Roma. 24 students from 8 CIVIS member universities participated, with 10 nationalities represented. Alongside a series of lectures, students worked on a creative project developing a Virtual Museum of Multiculturalism. You can see the results of their work on Instagram.