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Who are the CIVIS Ambassadors?

Our CIVIS Ambassadors are the first contact point among our 11 member- universities of the CIVIS Alliance for their peers, both incoming CIVIS students and students of the home university interested in learning more about the Alliance.


Can't wait to find out what opportunities await you?
Then check out YOUR ambassadors!


Ambre Gaillot

My name is Ambre, I study in the Master of European and International Studies in the wonderful University of Aix-Marseille. I previously did a literary preparatory class (Hypokhâgne and khâgne). I am passionate about the diplomatic world and am totally invested in what I do!

At the associative level, I gave French lessons to Syrian students - this experience was extremely rewarding and I met so many great people! I am very committed to the defense of human rights and am also a volunteer for Amnesty International.

Being a CIVIS ambassador is a real honor for me and an opportunity to actively promote student mobility. I want to encourage the development of strong links between European students, promote the multicultural values of CIVIS and contribute to the organisation of many events with all my joy!

I studied English abroad and will soon be moving to Greece for a semester. I still have the whole world to discover and thousands of people to meet – I wish the same for all students!"

Thomas Suau

I finished my Master degree in Mathematics in 2022, and now I am pursuing in 3rd year of Bachelor Degree to achieve a Master degree in Computer Sciences. I made my entire curriculum in Aix-Marseille Université. After several forms of local engagement in Aix-Marseille Université, I want to be an European citizen in my university. With my seven years university background I want to communicate and to involve students in this beautiful alliance: CIVIS.

I want to be a part of the Europe. I want to make other students be a part of this Europe. And contributed to share European university principles all over Aix-Marseille Université and our partners. That are my main goals! As well, be a part of the CIVIS team, and work with others ambassadors to share our ideas and create coherent activities.

For my tenure as CIVIS ambassador I have 3 focuses topics:

  • Student meeting. Meeting on-site, around mid-day or end of the days. Chat with student, be open and available for us. Answer to their questions and show how to involve them in this beautiful program.
  • Social Networks. Developing a communication’s strategy to be as close to the students as possible. Create engagement and build a true student community around CIVIS.
  • Communication with Associations. Create students’ network is also be a part of the existing students’ network. I want to create link with students’ associations to inform them about CIVIS achievements. Always in the same students onboarding prospective.

Isild Mabille du Chene

My name is Isild and I am currently doing a master’s degree in Management of humanitarian and cultural projects in Aix-Marseille university. I firmly believe that higher education needs reconstruction with the help of intercultural and interdisciplinary activities. The Civis alliance brings us one step closer to the international environment that we are aiming for. Studying abroad made me realize how much I value the opportunity that I was given to explore different cultures and traditions, see the different educational systems, and master my foreign languages. I understand more and more why we should strengthen our European spirit. I love interacting with people in ways that can have an ameliorating effect on society. Initiatives like this such as volunteering as a civis ambassador strengthen solidarity among young people and reinforce our hope for a humane future in Europe and in the world in general.

Alice Choquard

After COVID-19 stopped the world for a while, I decided to go abroad for a year taking part in an Erasmus+ exchange in Sheffield, England for my second year of my Applied Foreign Languages degree in 2021-2022.

This international experience changed me for the better and shaped the person I am now. Indeed, I learned to open up to others, to the world and to myself, be confident and speak up. I am therefore coming back from this experience grown, fulfilled and grateful for this unique opportunity. Getting out of my comfort zone was the best decision I have ever made and that is why I want to share it with others and help students do the same.

After completing my degree, I would like to specialise in international relations in Masters and aspire to have a global and diverse network. Becoming a CIVIS ambassador is for me, the first step to my « international » future ahead. Interacting with other european students as passionate and openminded as me while creating and promoting an enriching network across Europe is a thrilling and exciting adventure. I am therefore eager to promote CIVIS and international mobility opportunities within Aix-Marseille University in order to help students, guide them, advise them and above all, encourage them to take the plunge and take part in once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that will change their lives as it has changed mine.


Nikolaos Gourgouletis

My name is Nikos and I’m pursuing a BA in Communication and Media Studies at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. What initially drew me to the CIVIS alliance was the opportunity to be involved in countless experiences abroad and projects that have been invaluable in terms of knowledge and networking. As a CIVIS Ambassador, I am part of a group that is eager to encourage new generations to join this multicultural journey and discover new interests. Through this journey, full of opportunities for growth and new ways of learning, simple conversations can develop into academic research and short mobilities can alter someone’s worldview. Let’s make the most of this journey!



Kanella Papakosta-Sampatakaki

After having participated in CIVIS Summer School “Discovering the exciting world of medical ultrasound” last year, I realized that CIVIS seems like a European breeze full of opportunities, unique experiences and interactive learning. I am excited and honored to serve as CIVIS Ambassador, help more students learn about this alliance, contribute to the organization and promotion of CIVIS programs, participate in our European celebration, the CIVIS Global Days. I am looking forward to meeting students and professors from all over Europe, exchange ideas, be inspired and engage actively in this multicultural community, while simultaneously take the Higher Education of tomorrow a step further.




Katerina Schoina

My name is Katerina Schoina and I live in Athens. I am a PhD candidate in Folklore Studies in the Faculty of Philology at the School of Philosophy of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Also, I am a postgraduate student in the Environmental, Disaster and Crises Management Strategies program at the School of Sciences in the Faculty of Geology and Geoenvironment at the same university. CIVIS is a great opportunity for all of us to create a collaboration and communication between the Alliance, which represents a unique opportunity for me as an ambassador to meet peers from Europe, exchange knowledge and experience, but more importantly to unite and shape the Higher Education of tomorrow.



Antoine Bostyn

My name is Antoine Bostyn. I am a Master student in Political Science at Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). I participated in a CIVIS course two years ago and I really enjoyed this experience that allowed me to meet and make connections with students and professors from all around Europe. I really believed in cooperation between universities in the future of Higher Education as it allows for its members opportunities and inspirations for their lives. I would be really happy to help students who may have questions about CIVIS programs!


Hakim Traore

Being an ambassador for CIVIS will give me the opportunity to take an active role in shaping the future, to share knowledge and connect with people from different places, cultures, and mindsets. I am also excited about the potential of the CIVIS alliance to generate measurable and meaningful impact, and I am eager to be a part of this impact and be a voice of the organization and its mission.

The CIVIS alliance foster a way of learning that focuses on collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving. By promoting intercultural and multidisciplinary approach and encouraging the integration of multiples innovations, CIVIS help institutions to prepare graduates that can fully thrive in a globalized and diverse world.





Stefan Dimitrovski

I am a polyglot and a second year master’s student at the University of Bucharest. Being foreigner student myself, and someone who has partook in many CIVIS activities, and is experienced with living abroad, can empathize with the students and understand their situation. I fully support the CIVIS vision, mission and goals, and feel that they will truly benefit the students, and have a positive impact on the Higher Education of the future. Our differences are what makes us special and unique. Together through teamwork, open-mindedness, and eagerness to develop and learn, we can shape a better future for all.


Alexia-Georgiana Popescu

Hi, I am Alexia and I am in my second year of my bachelor’s degree at the University of Bucharest. The reason why I aspired to become a CIVIS Ambassador is because I want to make people understand what an intriguing experience this is. The CIVIS program had a major yet positive impact on developing my personality. After being enrolled in the CIVIS program for six months as an exchange student, I can gladly say that it was one of the best experiences in my life. Thus, I would like to encourage as many students as I can to make the decision of getting involved and leave their fears aside, because the CIVIS Alliance can only bring benefits: meeting new people, discovering new cultures, learning new languages, observing new perspectives, and at the same time, staying in an academic environment. Therefore, I believe that CIVIS is the place where students must search for if they are looking for self-growth and intellectual development.





Margareta-Gabriela Biliga-Nisipeanu

Hi, I am Gabriela, a history doctoral student at the University of Bucharest. My thesis focuses on the experiences of students in the ERASMUS programme and how their life was impacted after a student mobility abroad. I applied to become a CIVIS ambassador after participating in several CIVIS activities at my university and abroad. On these occasions, I became convinced of the positive effects that the alliance has, and I decided that I would like to help increase the engagement of my colleagues in these opportunities so we can multiply its impact.
I believe the idea of university alliances represents an innovation whose potential remains to be explored as it might answer to the many challenges universities face across Europe. I look forward to discovering the many possibilities that CIVIS will bring to students, professors, and researchers as our collaboration expands in the following years.



Michela Stasio

Hi! My name is Michela and I am an undergraduate at the University of Glasgow. My international experience including two Erasmus mobilities and a CIVIS Summer School has led to my profound appreciation for studying abroad. I am, thus, extremely pleased to take on the role of CIVIS Ambassador as I would love to ensure that as many students as possible can take part in the invaluable opportunities that the alliance has to offer. CIVIS not only makes international courses and mobility more accessible to students, but also sets an example for Higher Education, through its vision of an interuniversity campus, committed to collaboration, equality and innovation. 



Aurora Caggiula

During my university career, I was offered the opportunity of an exchange student in Canada. This opportunity was one of the most inspirational experience of my life. I had the chance to interact with students and professors from different parts of the world and different cultures. In other words, I was able to broaden my horizons in a way I had never done before. My aim, together with the mission of CIVIS, is to encourage connections between people and countries with different cultures and histories. In this way it is possible to create an international and open-minded environment that will characterise our future. I am therefore motivated to share my enthusiasm and motivation with other students from all over the world.



Julian Kessler

Hello everyone!

My name is Julian and I gladly encourage students at the University of Salzburg to participate in CIVIS programs. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me in case you are interested in joining any CIVIS activity or if you happen to have any questions! 

Currently I am employed at the university and I am working on my PhD thesis in Roman Law / State Theory. I am very interested in international activities since I enjoy working in a multicultural (and multilingual!) context. Besides, I engage in voluntary associations such as The European Law Students’ Association (ELSA).

I am looking forward to your message!




Amelie Peters

Hallo! I’m Amelie and currently a student of Psychology. Being able to shape the very beginning of CIVIS at Salzburg means the world to me! I strongly believe in the power of stepping into someone else’s shoes and I’m excited to see my fellow people walking in different shoes through CIVIS.

Coming from a musical background, it has been proven to me time and time again that although you can be good on your own, together with others, you create magic. In my time at CIVIS, I hope to fabricate and experience magic through get-togethers and events of all sorts.


Susana Lucas Pérez

One year ago, the CIVIS alliance changed my life by allowing me to travel around Europe and meet all kinds of people while staying in an academic setting. Now it’s my turn to encourage new generations to participate in such an inspirational project. Whether it is in Madrid, Athens or Stockholm, CIVIS will help you grow personally and professionally thanks to the help of committed professors, students and staff members. I believe that the future of Higher Education lies in international connections and exchanges of different perspectives. That’s why CIVIS makes and will make a difference.




Luisa Blázquez

Becoming a CIVIS ambassador brings me the opportunity to help other students know more about this ambitious European Higher Education initiative. It is a great honour to take an active part in spreading the values, purposes and approach of the alliance at my home university, UAM. The opportunities that CIVIS gives to students and professors enrich the quality of education, since it provides multiple tools for people from diverse cultural backgrounds to meet and exchange knowledge from all fields of study.
I feel lucky to be alive at the same time as CIVIS! Can’t wait to experience what the future holds in store for the CIVIS community.


Marina Fernández

Participating in the CIVIS Alliance, and therefore in the Higher Education of Europe, has been one of the highlights of my academic life. CIVIS has given me the opportunity to learn while discovering different peoples and cultures, and I strongly believe in the community that is being created by the Alliance.

I would like to contribute to CIVIS by helping others discover this incredible project. The Alliance provides all members of the academic community with the perfect opportunity to grow and expand their knowledge, not only in the academic field but also in the personal sphere.








Ilaria Carriero

I firmly believe that CIVIS embodies European values to perfection and that it is an excellent medium for young students who approach university to build a future and consequently to build the future in which we will all live.
I don't know about you, but I want to live in a world where future people who hold important positions, have travelled, have opened up to foreign cultures and have understood that Borders don't preserve peace, borders only breed war”.



Eugenio Sandrucci

I am in my second year of the PhD in Chemical Sciences. I attended a STM at University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, RSA); from that STM was born an international collaboration in my research. I am motivated by the desire to contribute to the development of an integrated international area for higher education, based on academic freedom, social cohesion, free movement of people, and, above all, for wider openness and collaboration with higher education systems around the world. My aim is fuelled by the need to put in place the concepts of equity, diversity, accessibility, inclusion on a systemic level.


Giulia Riccardi

As a CIVIS Ambassador, I wanted to become more involved in the CIVIS community and help promote the values and goals of the CIVIS alliance. I believe that CIVIS has the potential to have a positive impact on shaping the higher education of tomorrow by bringing together universities from different European countries and fostering collaboration and exchange. By encouraging dialogue and cooperation between universities, CIVIS can help to create a more diverse and inclusive educational environment that promotes cross-cultural understanding and mutual learning.


Mariam Zouhair

I am convinced that the CIVIS mission has the potential to build a new way of living academia and sharing educational experiences, contributing to the production of an affordable and high-quality educational system, resulting in a fundamental professional and cultural enrichment for all students. To be a CIVIS ambassador is to be an active part of this constructive international environment, promoting its ideals beyond national borders. I thus hope, as such, to inspire other students to benefit from the life-changing opportunities offered by this European Universities Alliance.

Consuelo D'Annibale

Thanks to its academic excellence and opportunities, CIVIS is an incredible gift for all members of the alliance. The possibility to travel around Europe and discover new learning methods, get in touch with students and professors who brodean our horizons sharing their experience, and being surrounded by a multicultural and stimulating environment: that’s what CIVIS provides and what I gained from my Erasmus mobility and a Civis summer school. Those experiences completely changed my personality, that’s why I decided to apply as a Civis ambassador: I want to share my knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to make other people explore this world, as well as working with those who already know Civis. Integration, cooperation and multiculturalism are the basis as well as the objectives of Civis alliance and as involved students we can contribute to consolidate the idea of a European interuniversity where everyone gains something.



Zara Elfros

I wanted to join CIVIS as the oppurtunity to create an international network was very attractive to me. I believe that study exchanges is a privilege that one should be able to have access to. The short time echanges offered by CIVIS is something that is very fun and needed as the term long echanges might not be possible for everyone.



Monika Lionaite

I have been part of CIVIS Summer School and experienced the synergies in a multidisciplinary academic environment. I want to empower other academics to enable their multiple interests in different topics and help them to find support on their way of ‘connecting the dots’ in their research. Multidisciplinary research is crucial for the future of sustainable development and its implementation in the industries. CIVIS creates a dynamic and open environment for new ideas to evolve into research while creating a unique academic network promoting lifelong learning and multicultural teamwork.




Annika Klaus

My name is Annika Klaus and I study law in the ninth semester at “Eberhard Karls University” in Tübingen. My semester abroad at "University Libre de Bruxelles" and a CIVIS seminar at “University of Bucharest” encouraged me to take on the role as CIVIS Ambassador. Especially the opportunity of networking with people from different countries fascinates me about the CIVIS vision. In addition, I like to help other students to experience a memorable CIVIS mobility.


Alicia Ogwumike

My name is Alicia Ogwumike, and I am currently completing my master´s degree in « Democracy and Governance in Europe » at the University of Tübingen. I am fortunate to have spent two semesters abroad, one of them with CIVIS. These opportunities have shaped my personal and academic development. As CIVIS ambassador I am eager to help other students navigate their experiences abroad. Furthermore, I hope to create networks necessary to facilitate growing alliances between universities. I am sure, that Higher Education Institutions in Europe can only benefit from the CIVIS community. I hope to contribute, share my knowledge and obtain new insights.