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General information

University: University of Glasgow

Open to: Academics from CIVIS universities

Languages: German or English Number of participants: 12-15

Date: 8 March 2022, 12.00-13.00 CET

Brief description

This is an interactive workshop; the participants are encouraged to come prepared either with a whole course or a session they want to gamify.

  • I will explain how I gamified a whole 20 credit research methods in the education course, and introduce the discipline agnostic materials that can be applied to any 10 or 20 credit course or can be adapted to be used for a single session (workshop, seminar, lecture).
  • We will go through a peer-supported design activity with the aim for the participants to have the initial structure for a course, or a complete session (workshop, seminar, lecture, etc) prepared.
  • When registering for the workshop please indicate which one you are interested to gamify - a whole course or a session - so I can prepare the different peer groups.
  • If this is too praxis focussed, I am also happy to simply run colleagues through the process and material and answer questions.

Available resources

Gamification Templates and Resources (


People interested in attending this workshop are invited to register through the online form.