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General information

University : Sapienza Università di Roma

Number of participants : 400

Open to : Bachelor and Master Students, Teacher Training Students 

Language : English, Spanish, French, Italian


  • 10, 17, 24 June 2022, 15.00-18.30 CET
  • 1, 8, 15, 22 July 2022, 15.00-18.30 CET

Brief description

This is a webinar series based on 7 webinars designed to showcase some pedagogical approaches for an inclusive pedagogy toward students with special needs, with an emphasis on approaches adopting the Trialogical Learning Approach, an IP-based b) Methodology-based pedagogical innovation c) Skill-based pedagogical innovation.

The webinars will be held in different languages, but all teachers will provide feedback in English. All teachers will also provide students with summaries in English of the contents they will talk about. If requested, some webinars would be offered in both languages.

The webinars (4 hours each) will be:

  • Introduction to the Trialogical Learning Approach and its role in inclusive education (English, URoma)
  • The digital learning challenge: Learning Special Needs and
  • Universal Design of Learning principles (Italian, URoma)
  • Practical Strategies for Teachers to online support students with Special Needs (Spanish, UMadrid)
  • Robotics in education and implications for students with Special Needs (UMarseille)
  • Teaching Heritage and Art to students and adults with disabilities as a way to foster inclusion and stimulate their soft skills (French, UMarseille)
  • A Study Case on teaching Heritage to students with cognitive disabilities and its therapeutic effects (Italiano, URoma)
  • The importance of assessment: individualized education projects and the quality of life aspects (Spanish, UMadrid)


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Find out about the different facilitators and their contact details in this document