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The deadline for applications for courses
beginning in Autumn 2022 is 19 April 2022.

Stockholm University invites students at CIVIS member universities to join an online module. One course is available for the first semester of next academic year 2022-23 (Autumn-Winter).

How to apply

On the webpage for the course listed below you will find more information about the content and entry requirements, as well as a contact person in case you have any questions.

On each course page there is a large blue button labelled 'Apply'. This will redirect you to Sweden's national application system, where you can register and submit your application for the course. Applying does not guarantee admission and you will receive notification about the decision.

Application deadline: 19 April 2021

ECTS Credits and CIVIS Passport

We will track your participation and offer you recognition through the CIVIS Passport at the end of your studies.

Note that the CIVIS Passport is independent of the certification you will receive from Stockholm University upon successful completion of the course. We recommend to check with your home university if ECTS credit points earned will be recognised as part of your programme of studies.

Linguistic Ethnography from an Educational Perspective

The course introduces basic theoretical points of departure and key concepts in linguistic ethnography. Students will discuss and problematize the application and significance of a linguistic ethnographic approach in research on multilingualism, identity, and learning in educational contexts. They will transcribe and analyse interactional data, considering how social meanings, orders and knowledges are constructed and negotiated in interaction, from the perspectives of the interactants, and in relation to the wider socio-political context. In addition, students will take into account and discuss ethical aspects of linguistic ethnographic research.

The course is a collaboration between the Department of Teaching and Learning and The Centre for Research on Bilingualism at Stockholm University. The course is online, taught in English, and it welcomes students from all CIVIS universities, and beyond. The maximum number of students is 15.

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