CIVIS member universities united against COVID-19

CIVIS was built by eight civic European universities on civic values such as inclusiveness, social equity and solidarity with the purpose to assume its social responsibility towards the future generations for the benefit of the European community.  All CIVIS member universities are fueled with the mission to serve their local community and actively contribute to the social, cultural and economical dynamism of their ecosystem. The CIVIS alliance aims to reinforce its civic identity and activity through collaboration at the European level. 

As a European Civic University, we take the global health situation with COVID-19 very seriously. To face the Coronavirus disease, our CIVIS member universities have organised several initiatives and solidarity actions to better help our communities. 

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CIVIC initiatives and solidarity actions run by our universities

University of Bucharest

  • Free online courses for teachers

The University of Bucharest offers a free course dedicated to helping primary and secondary teachers to adapt to the challenges of moving their teaching activities to a digital version, following the closing of schools due to COVID 19 Pandemia. The course is offered by the Teacher Training Department from the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences.

  • Scientists created statistical modelling of the first 18 days of COVID-19 in the country 

The research group on graphs and social networks (GraphNets) has released statistical modelling of the spreading of COVID-19 for the first 109 cases in Romania, offering the authorities and the media important information about the impact and the development of the coronavirus pandemic. The researchers, members of the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, have worked on public data, voluntarily.

Université libre de Bruxelles

  • Online platform compiling a list of solidarity actions you can get involved in

In a context where hospitals are extremely busy and many people find themselves isolated, the Université libre de Bruxelles and its partner Give a Day have created a web platform to facilitate solidarity actions.

  • Online activities for teachers and kids

A page for parents and teachers with online resources. This page is intended to help parents to animate daily life at home with children and teenagers, nowadays in confinement. Activities to learn from 6 to 18 years old (but it is an opportunity for parents to review many subjects long-forgotten), Something to learn about the Coronavirus, And above all, something to have fun with and to move around with!

  • Live Q&A for university teaching staff

Live Q&A for university teaching staff on sharing the best online teaching practices (in French).

  • Masks manufacturing by ULB's FabLab

The Fab-Lab of ULB a digital fabrication laboratory and UHC St-Pierre are working hand in hand to create complementary protection for healthcare personnel. One hundred and forty protective visors have already been distributed on 23/03/20 at CHU-Saint-Pierre. Since then, the production rate has risen to 600 masks per day and the first objective of the 1500 masks requested by the CHU Saint Pierre will be reached on 26/03/2020.

  • ULB's Covid-19 volunteers

ULB has launched a special call to health sciences students, who already have some hands-on training, to sign up to be a volunteer to help alleviate the hospital and nursing staff's workload.

Sapienza University of Rome

  • Fundraising for Coronavirus emergency

Sapienza University of Rome, together with Fondazione Roma Sapienza, is launching a fundraising campaign to help deal with the current emergency. We exhorted the whole academic community to support the growing needs of our university hospitals that these days have been working under increasing pressure. People can donate via bank transfer to Fondazione Roma Sapienza. Fondazione will then allocate the proceeds to the university hospitals connected with Sapienza University of Rome.

  • Online psychological counselling for Sapienza and Erasmus + students

Sapienza students and those who are currently studying abroad and temporarily unable to come back can e-mail clinical psychologists and psychotherapists at Students can ask for psychological help and, if needed, arrange online sessions.

  • Home workout with Sapienza Sport

SapienzaSport Centre is sharing a few videos made by our coaches and trainers, with the Sapienza community. The videos show short gymnastic activities and floor exercises, easy to do at home during these days of isolation. At such an exceptional time, our habits are completely revolutionized; SapienzaSport Centre's videos provide a service aimed at our physical and, most importantly, psychological well being. It is a way to abide by the authorities instructions and avoid outdoor activities that risk violating the national lockdown.

Stockholm University

  • Tips to study, teach and work online

Stockholm University offers tips, advice and online tools to university teachers, students and everyone to better teach, study and work online.

  • Stockholm University chemists mix hand sanitiser for current health care needs

Just over 200 litres of newly produced hand sanitiser, plastic gloves, face masks and other items in high demand comprise the first consignment of disposable items, assembled by chemists at Stockholm University to be delivered to hospitals to help meet current urgent healthcare needs in the wake of the spread of COVID-19.


European funded research initiatives and call for proposals 

  • Stockholm University received an EU grant by the European Commission for Coronavirus Research

On 30th January 2020, The European Commission launched a request for expressions of interest to advance research knowledge on tackling the spread of coronavirus. €47.5 million for funding in research grants was announced by the Commission. 17 research projects were shortlisted for funding involving 136 research teams from across the EU and beyond. Among them, our CIVIS member university, Stockholm University received a grant to develop an antiviral treatment for the new Coronavirus.

  • IMI call for proposals - submission deadline 30th March 2020 

The Innovative Medicines Initiative has launched a call for proposals with funding of 45 million euros to support projects that develop treatments and support medical analysis to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak. Deadline for proposal submission is 30th March 2020.

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