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This event has already taken place. More information about the next edition of the Global CIVIS Days will be published in the course of 2022.

Do you want to be part of an innovative and exciting social initiative shaping the higher education of tomorrow? Do you love generating creative ideas and solutions? Do you want to dive into an exciting experience with students and university staff from across Europe? Then participate in our Creathon at the Global CIVIS Days 2021!

Innovative ideas for the University in the City

CIVIS, a European Civic University, is committed to addressing the greatest societal challenges of our time. But to meet these challenges, we need innovative, feasible and inspiring solutions.

This is why CIVIS is organising a Creathon for students, academics and staff across the CIVIS Alliance on 25 and 26 November 2021! A perfect opportunity to meet fellow members from the nine CIVIS universities, be a creative force, share expertise and bring your innovative ideas to life.


We will select 5 participants per member University, totalling up to 50 “creators”.

Participants may be: 

  • Students (BA and MA) - across all academic disciplines 
  • PhD candidates - across all academic disciplines 
  • Post-docs - across all academic disciplines 
  • Academic staff - across all academic disciplines 
  • Researchers - across all academic disciplines 
  • Administrative staff

Participants must: 

  • Be willing and able to come to Brussels throughout the Creathon as it will be held exclusively on campus. Travel fees and accommodation will be covered by CIVIS and its member Universities. 
  • Be proficient in English (B2 level)

Selection process

Rather than an evaluation, we’ll validate the applications in order to mix participants, universities and disciplines.

If you are selected, you will get an answer by 5 November 2021 in order to plan your stay in Brussels with your home University and to start brainstorming your project! 


Registration is open throughout October and until 1 November (11:59 PM).

Registrations for the Creathon have closed. 

Step 1 - Teams & Topics (10 days before coming in Brussels)

During an online event, we’ll announce the teams and randomly draw out two topics for each team. They’ll have to start working on a project based on those two topics. All topics belong to three main categories that thoroughly represent a key component of a university campus: mobility, education and campus life.

Based on the topics selection, participants are asked to come up with a challenge (i.e. a research question) they will find innovative ways to tackle throughout the two-day-long Creathon. A toolbox will also be sent to participants prior to their arrival in Brussels. 

Topics include: 



Campus life

  • In the city​
  • Between campuses​
  • Between Universities​
  • Student support​
  • Courses / programs​
  • Resources​ (and access to resources)
  • Libraries
  • Restaurants ​
  • Sports ​
  • Culture ​
  • Housing ​
  • Health and well-being ​
  • Inclusion and welfare​
  • Parties and recreational life​

Step 2 - Let the Creathon game started! 

During the two days, all teams will be working together through a game specifically conceived for the Creathon methodology. Each team will have two days for brainstorming, decide, design, prototype and pitch their project! 

Step 3 - Pitch your ideas 

At the end of the Creaton (Friday 26th November at 11AM), you will have 3 minutes to present your ideas to a Jury of field experts and CIVIS University authorities. Your presentation will be based on the creathon game outputs and your mentors’ feedback --be original and don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

Evaluation criteria are fivefold: 

  • Relevance (25%): does the solution address the problem and fall within the scope of the CIVIS hackathon challenge category described in the brief?
  • Innovation (25%): how innovative is the solution/approach to solve the problem described in the brief? Are there other solutions available and if so, how does this differentiate from them? 
  • Feasibility (25%): How feasible is the solution to put into practice? Does the solution make sense financially? Will the solution be sustainable over the long term?
  • Replicability/ability to scale up (15%): can the solution be replicated or scaled to other CIVIS member Universities?
  • Quality of presentation (10%): does the presentation of the project follow a logical and structured sequence without spelling mistakes and with quality arguments?

Creathon winners will be announced during Friday 26th November midday event (12.00-14.00) and the winning team will get one (1) mobility voucher for each of its members to visit the CIVIS University of their choice. 

Note: Concrete and more detailed information will be sent to selected participants.

Several mentoring sessions with field experts will be held for all teams for a duration of 15mn. This will be a fantastic opportunity for all participants to test out their hypotheses, assess the feasibility of their project, and maybe broaden their horizons and discover untapped potentials. 

Meeting schedules will be communicated to participants on the first day of the Creathon.