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Deadline for application: 30 September 2021

CIVIS Hubs are "academic collaboration spaces" to develop multinational and multi-disciplinary educational offers. They will be offering multiple and joint degrees at Bachelor's, Master's and PhD levels. CIVIS Hubs will support initiatives aiming at developing multidisciplinary innovative learning pathways such as multiple and joint degrees.

Eligible activities

We welcome proposals for webinars, workshops, summer schools, courses, miniprogrammes, multiple and joint degrees (Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD) involving at least 3 CIVIS partner universities.  The activities should be related to one or more of the following domains of HEALTH defined by the CIVIS Health Hub Council:

Hub Health domains

Aging and geriatric medicine
Anaesthesiology, pain management, and critical care medicine

Biochemistry and Genetics, medical biotechnologies, diagnostics, gene therapy, and bioinformatics

Diagnostic imaging, Biomedical engineering, robotics in medicine, new medical devices, and digital health

Mental health, psychology, psychiatry, drug/alcohol addiction, eating disorders

Cancer medicine, immunology, and immunotherapies

Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and metabolic diseases

Chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases

Endocrinology, urology, reproductive and sexual health

Gastroenterology, hepatology, and microbioresearch

Health economics and healthcare management

Immunity, infectious diseases, microbiology, public and global health, environmental health

Medical humanities and innovative pedagogies

 Neonate and children Health

Neurophysiology, Neuroscience and neurodegenerative diseases

Nursing, physical medicine, rehabilitation, disabilities, motor sciences, anatomy and physiology

Oral health

Pharmacy, pharmacology, nutrition, nanosciences, and nanoformulations



  • Courses in this context are defined as learning programmes with a significant number of ECTS credits integrated in official degree programmes of a CIVIS partner university and involving teachers from at least 3 CIVIS partner universities
  • Miniprogrammes, in this context are defined as groups of integrated of courses as defined above (learning programmes with a significant number of ECTS credits integrated in official degree programmes of a CIVIS partner university and involving teachers from at least 3 CIVIS partner universities)

Financial support and activities

The funds allocated by CIVIS to the Health Hub currently are:

  • € 230,575 for student and teaching staff Mobility
  • € 100,000 for the Staff Costs (justified by time sheets).

Webinars and workshops

Webinars and workshops are considered important activities for team building and knowledge sharing in the Health Hub but unfortunately, due to the limited financial resources available, they will not receive Health Hub funds.

Summer schools

At the moment,we envisage student and staff mobility for the summer schools (in person or hybrid).  For each school, the exact costs will depend on the number of students and teaching staff members who will travel in order to participate in the event and on the distance between the home and the host institution. Estimating the cost for each mobility not higher than 1000 EU as an average, we can foresee 225 physical mobilities which would allow to fund 9 summer schools with up to 20 students (in addition to local students) and 5 teachers (in addition to the local teachers). Please note that CIVIS will not be able to cover the logistical costs of the events. Board and lodging should be covered individually by the participants (who will receive CIVIS travel grants) and an additional co-financing can by requested to the host university.

Courses, miniprogrammes, multiple and joint degrees

The Staff costs (justified by time sheets) will be covered within the financial resources available.

Additional financial support

For some of the aforementioned activities, additional funds may be obtained by responding to the calls of other CIVIS bodies (e.g. short term mobilities, blended intensive programs, etc. ). The Hub Council Coordinator will keep informed the Team Members about these opportunities.

Submission of application

The proposals should be submitted by e-mail to Prof. Luciano Saso, Coordinator of the Health Hub ( Following consultation with the Coordination Team (AMU), and Coordinator of WP4, the proposals will be validated by the Health Hub Council and then approved by the CIVIS Steering Committee. The deadline for this call is 30 September 2021.

Evaluation criteria

The main criteria for the evaluation of the proposals will be quality, relevance, and impact in relation to the context of the Health Hub. The relevance for CIVIS, in general, will also be considered (e.g. innovation, interdisciplinarity, links to research, cooperation with African partners for certain disciplines such as infectious diseases and global health).