Mission and motivation

A huge ambition

Through this project, we want to make a decisive contribution to the attractiveness of our European universities on the world stage. In the face of the current information revolution and the rapid evolution of our societies and our labor markets, we must make radical changes in the way we teach, practice research and communicate. Developing CIVIS in the face of global challenges (rather than the prism of conventional disciplinary separations) stimulates the emergence of a culture of collaboration and requires innovative pedagogies that encourage critical thinking, adaptability, resilience and resilience. future-oriented skills. To share and build knowledge among students, teachers, researchers, and civil society, we will make educational, scientific, and civic resources as open and accessible as possible based on the principles of Open Science and Open Educational Resources.

A strong civic identity

The desire for inclusion will permeate all our actions, as we are fully committed to gender equality, non-discrimination and social equality. The involvement of our universities in this alliance will help reduce inequalities, increase access to quality training and create real opportunities for success for all our students.

The desire to be part of the dynamics of the European Union

As CIVIS member universities, we recognize the paramount importance of the principles of the Bologna Process to increase mobility between us and with other partner universities in Europe, and ultimately, to create a European space for Higher Education. To this end, we are planning the creation of a CIVIS identity card (for students, researchers and staff), full recognition of credits earned within the alliance, the Diploma Supplement, measures supporting the social dimension of mobility, quality assessment processes, etc.

With seven major languages ​​spoken in the alliance, besides English as a lingua franca, CIVIS will invest in linguistic diversity, which is a major issue in the process of globalization. We aim to bring by 2025 most of our students, researchers and staff to master at least two foreign languages ​​in addition to their native language after completing their training at a CIVIS university.

In practice

Education: we will create an integrated university space for all through a research-based education, joint educational programmes, new learning pathways, MOOCs and Summer schools
❯ Innovation: we will build a new model for innovative and inclusive education through the development of a digital campus, learning tools with short-term, long-term and blended mobility programmes...
Research: we will develop opportunities for extensive research collaborations with complementary approaches through open science, collaborative networks, shared research infrastructures, incentive funding for joint projects
Civic Engagement: we will connect CIVIS education, research and innovation to local needs and global challenges through participative council, the creation of interactive spaces called Open Labs to foster collaboration between citizens, local partners and universities...

Click here to read our Mission statement, which has been approved by the top leadership at each CIVIS founding university.