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A new initiative, a new cooperation, a common ambition

CIVIS is the result of a new collaboration between European Universities which have in common to share fundamental academic excellence and promote human rights and civic values such as equality, liberty and solidarity. All CIVIS member universities are closely connected to their cities and regions and are fully committed to solving societal challenges.

It is naturally that eight CIVIC universities decided to join forces and form a European University alliance, called CIVIS.

The first six months were focused on better knowing each other, sharing best practices, assessing each other's strengths and weaknesses, and identifying the challenges our ambitious initiative will tackle. Many physical and virtual meetings were organised across the CIVIS alliance and our teams started digging in the project in no time!

CIVIS is now an ambitious alliance of eight prominent universities who will work hand in hand to transform higher education in Europe and offer the best to our students and university staff, and contribute to solving major societal challenges.